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Hello, Ahoj!


Hello everyone!

My name is Jiri and I am a Freelancer. I was born in the Czech Republic. I came to England in 2010.
How did I become a photographer? I enjoy taking pictures since I was a child. But only recently photography became like a drug to me and I have become more and more addicted and interested in taking pictures. In 2014 I have received my first Diploma in photography. It has totally transformed my life and photography became a passion.
In 2014 I have received an invitation to a photographic studio, where I was given an opportunity to try and take pictures of a model. I have really become absorbed by that and creating photography has taken my breath away. Since that moment, there has gone no day without me getting to a studio and shooting. I am downright obsessed with photography – being a photographer is seriously awesome.
I am keen on taking pictures of people. I really like that and I absolutely enjoy making people happy with what I do. It is an amazing and beautiful moment and I am always thrilled, that I can capture this most precious memory on my photographs and make it last forever.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to co-operate with a charity –  Daz’s Rock 4 Charity and The HorseWorld Trust where I am a volunteer. Also, I am a fully registered Press Photographer- a member of the GNS.

I specialize in Wedding, Family, and Portrait Photography and my style is lifestyle fashion with a documentary eye. I will create dreamlike photos that in 50 years’ time you will look back upon and remember the romance of the day. I offer both wedding and bridal photography in the United Kingdom, and other destinations in Europe including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Malta, Germany, Greece, and Croatia.

That’s just about it.
If you like my work, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for more details.

Have a lovely day & stay in a picture.
Your photographer,
Jiri Kolar.


My Wedding Portfolio


“The highest happiness on earth is the                                happiness of marriage.”


"Capturing the moments of today that        will wow your heart tomorrow"