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Jiri & Dari

Hello everyone! Yesterday I had a first photo session during the lockdown and we all really enjoyed their Engagement Photo Session😍 Let me tell you their story!🤩

..Jiri & Darina..

I have know Jiri roughly five years, he is my best friend ✌️ Dari contacted me in one day for Autumn photo session... She was single in that time.Jiri too 😃 I offered him a job. It was the role of lighting assistant for my shoot with Dari.. He said YES! 😂This happened in 2017... And have a look now! These two lovelies, they are engaged! Yay😍 This didn't happen during the photo session. They engaged like two years ago. They didn't have a chance to take pictures of this special moment because they were busy with hospital appointments and with stuff like that - They have been working on their little great miracle. The miracle they pray for. The miracle of life. Jiri & Dari are amazing and I do pray for them every day🙏Anyway - it's time to catch up things. They didn't have their engagement pictures back then so they have them now! Have a look.That’s about their love story. Let’s wish them all the best and fingers crossed 🤞🙏🍀 I hope you like these pictures from yesterday's Engagement photo shoot. If you are interesting to know more, here is the link on their Insta: Have an amazing time everyone and stay safe x Jiri Kolar x PS: Please, always feel free to contact me for bookings 😍

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