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Pre Wedding Photography

It’s all about, being naturally you.

Bristol wedding photographer

I think it's a great idea for every couple to have a pre-wedding photo session ahead of their wedding day. Having a photographer staring at you holding an expensive piece of equipment can be super intimidating, which is why I always encourage people to consider having pre-wedding photography.

Bristol wedding photographer

[It has been said] that the way you look on your wedding day will be different than how you look in your pre-wedding photo session because you are so nervous and concerned on the big day. But the truth is, having frequent interactions with your photographer prior to your big day will make the experience much less daunting. Besides that, it's also a great opportunity to play with poses and poses a bit if your photographer offers that option. It gets rid of any anxiety about how you will look in your final images without changing how you act on your wedding day.

You’ll have the chance to relax in a location of your choice; We’ll walk around and capture you being natural, having fun, and being totally relaxed. The session usually lasts around an hour but only half of that is only ever really in front of the camera. I like to approach it as having a catch-up with you and bringing the camera along. You’ll then receive a gallery of images to enjoy ahead of your wedding. The pre-wedding photography session completely takes the stress and any worries from you, so that you can enjoy my company on your wedding day as your wedding photographer.

You’ve just got engaged, and you’re already thinking about Weddings, but before you dive headfirst into planning what you need to do to get ready is book your Engagement photography session with me. An engagement session is perfect for any nervous or shy couples and it’s a great time to start thinking about your wedding photography as well (I think it helps). Engagement sessions are also a wonderful way to have fun together again before the stress of planning a wedding begins and you’ll get some amazing images you can use as part of your Save the Dates and Wedding invitations too.


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