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The personal touch

"Packaging should be theatre; it should create a story because it is this story that shapes our emotional connection to a product."

The packing is one of the best parts of my photography, I always do enjoy all that mess around haha.

These USB sticks are for my lovely clients who booked me for Lifestyle Family Photo sessions.

Packaging is often the first thing my clients will see when I deliver those USB memory sticks, so it's prime real estate for getting my presentation across in a positive light. Adding a personal touch can make all the difference and my packaging have that extra special touch that'll leave a lasting impression on my clients.

No matter what type of photographer you are, the way you provide value throughout the entire client experience says a lot about you and your brand. From booking a session to delivering the final product, all of it contributes to your brand’s image.

Delivering photo packaging is a way to go above and beyond and establish an emotional connection with my clients. While online galleries are convenient, they don’t offer the same tangible experience that physical photos and products do.

When it is time to deliver my photos, I do make the delivery day extra special by hand-delivering the final photo package if I can. If I am not able to deliver the photos in person, I do add in an element of surprises such as a handwritten note, some additional photos, or even a short video message on the USB thanking my clients for being awesome.

Jiri - Kalidron.Photography

Quote Steve Jobs

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