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Walking Your Daughter Down the Aisle

"The Meaning of the Tradition Today"

So, what does a father’s act of passing his daughter to her groom means today? It’s actually more of a symbol of his blessing that he approves of the marriage.

Walking your daughter down the aisle becomes a special moment wherein your daughter acknowledges and honors you for all that you have done for her, now that she is transferring households. It’s also a symbolic gesture. When she was still a toddler, you had held her hand when she learned how to walk, and now you will be holding her hand as you usher her into this new phase of her adult life. It’s really touching when you think of it. It makes sense because it was you who protected her, who picked her up after falling from a bike, who clapped and became proud when she graduated. And her wedding day is the day you will finally let her go.

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