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Wedding Confetti

Confetti is a wedding staple that has been long associated with weddings. But where did this tradition come from? Confetti is the Italian term for “sweets”, so wedding guests would originally throw sugar-coated almonds to signify fertility and prosperity. Today the tradition is no longer painful and is often filled with pretty flower petals instead!

Bristol wedding photographer

Andrew & Jodie Clearwell Castle

In Britain, it was traditionaly rice that was thrown at a wedding, until the craze for throwing confetti was adopted from Europe in the late 1890s. Throwing rice goes all the way back to Roman times, where again it was a symbol of fertility.

The White Horse Barn

Dean & Jenna The White Horse Barn

When it comes to throwing your confetti, always throw it high into the sky so it will gently cascade over the happy couple as the photographer captures the shot!

It’s always a good idea to ask your chosen wedding venue about their policy on confetti, as not everyone allows it on their premises.

Somerset wedding photographer

Patrik & Rose Compton Pauncefoot church

When it's time to say "I do," you want to make a statement that expresses your individual personality as a couple and reflects the fun-loving spirit of your life together. On this momentous occasion, there’s no better way to add excitement and dazzling style than with decorative paper confetti made from 100% renewable sources like corn starch, taro fiber, and sugarcane pulp. Depending on your color scheme, these petal-shaped pieces can be made in any wedding theme or color, from elegant ivory to vibrant red or yellow.

Somerset wedding photographer

Mike & Lucy Wellington Barn

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