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Wedding planning tips

Choosing who will be standing by your side on your wedding day will need to be taken with some careful thought and discussion with your partner.

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When planning your wedding and deciding who to ask to take on the honour of being part of your bridal party, it can be tricky to choose who suits you best. Start by making a list of all the people you would like to include, preferably ranking by importance. In the end, if the important people don’t want to be involved, then it is better than having someone attend unpleasantly.

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Maid of Honour

The role of maid of honour is usually given to the bride’s sister or best friend. Choose your maid of honour carefully, as the role comes with a lot of responsibility. It is the maid’s duty to help with any pre-wedding arrangements including helping the bride with some of the planning and preparations, accompanying her when she shops for her wedding dress and arranging the hen night. On the day itself, the maid of honour will support you and the bridesmaids and ensure everything runs smoothly and give you emotional support.

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You can have two bridesmaids or several, it’s up to you. Traditionally your sisters and closest friends are chosen to be bridesmaids. A bridesmaid’s duties will include attending wedding dress fittings, rehearsals, looking after the flower girls, and walking down the aisle with you as part of the procession and standing with you at the alter until being seated for the ceremony.

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Best Man

A groom will usually ask his brother or best friend to be his at his wedding. The best man will have a lot of responsibility, so you really need to think of who will be the best for the job.

The best man will have the task of organising the stag do, helping the groom get ready, keeping the rings safe, having great guests, standing with the groom at the altar and making a speech at the reception.

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Flower Girls and Page Boys

Flower girls and page boys are usually aged between four and eight years old. The role of the flower girls is to look pretty and walk down the aisle before the bride and her father. Flower girls sometimes carry baskets, and scatter rose petals along the way.

The page boy will walk down the aisle carrying the wedding rings or will enter before the bride with the flower girls, holding hands with one of the flower girls to up the cute factor.

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