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In most cultures, a flower girl's role was to carry a sheaf of wheat or garlands of flowers at the wedding party. She would dance and sing during the ceremony, giving the bride an opportunity to participate in the ceremony. In more modern times, we've seen flower girls carry little baskets full of flowers down the aisle. No matter what you choose as your main job, being included as a part of such an important day will always be special for any little girl!

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Throughout the years, we have seen several unique trends come and go. When it comes to flower girls, I love the fact that they are still a classic component of the ceremony. In fact, some couples choose to have both a flower girl and ring bearer at their wedding party! One of my favorite parts of being in the wedding photography business is watching all of these adorable little girls walk down the aisle with their family members by their side as they carry their special messages or flowers into the ceremony."

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Can I have more than one?

Definitely! If you have a big family or a bunch of nieces, it might be a good idea to include everyone to avoid anyone feeling left out. If you've decided to include several little attendants in your bridal party, there are many duties they'd no doubt love to take on. Ask one flower girl to walk with you and carry your train while another helps escort a beloved pet down the aisle. They can hold hands with each other as they walk down the aisle or opt for a wagon ride with the eldest flower girl pulling the littlest ones.

If you still want the little ones to be a part of your wedding, but you're not into the origins of the flower-girl tradition, you can also have them be greeters at the wedding, waving to guests as they arrive to set a fun, cute mood. Or, if they're older and capable enough, recruit them to be the ushers who are typically responsible for handing out programs and escorting guests to their respective sides.

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