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What do print rights mean?

What Does My Wedding Photographer Mean By "Print Rights"?

As a professional wedding photographer, I love promoting that I give my couples print rights! It's a big part of my philosophy that with your wedding, engagement, or family photos, you have print rights. I export my photos at the highest quality so you can print big or small. Every photo I send you in your digital gallery comes with a print right, so no limits there!

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Q: So, who has the copyright to my photos?

Technically, I, the photographer do. But, it's for good reason! This way, I can use your gorgeous photos to use in my marketing, blogs, social media, and submit them to contests and publications! I always work with couples who want to keep their photos private or want to purchase full copyrights too so feel free to ask :)

Q: Why is knowing about print rights important?

It's always important to ask your photographer about the number, size, and quality of print rights and whether they are included or not in the price. This way you know the full price upfront and you know what's included in the entire photography package. All my sessions include print rights at the highest quality with no limits.

Q: Why wouldn't another photographer let me have print rights in the first place?

It's very important to me that you, my clients have print rights. Every photographer has a different philosophy. I personally love giving you the option to print at whatever lab fits your budget and share with family and friends all over the world. We live in a digital age and I recognize and embrace that! I never want to hold your memories hostage! Some photographers will ask you to pay additional for you to download your pictures. Sometimes you will be allowed a certain number of digitals. Sometimes, your digital pictures are only a certain size and quality so you can only print a 4x6 or something small and not big quality canvases. So these are all good questions to ask your photographer!

  • Digital photo files are included in my wedding, engagement, and family prices!

  • I do not limit the amount you can download!

  • My digitals are sent to you at the highest rate so you can print big and small!

I would never limit my clients from printing their images. If someone else does, it’s because they want to make extra money that you deserve for your lifetime. I always think about the value of my work and how much does it cost to produce? The answer is a lot!! So the very least I can do is give you print rights, so you can share your moments with your family and friends!

If you have any other thoughts or questions about print rights, copyrights, or print releases send me an email! I'd love to help you navigate these terms.

Jiri Kolar

Kalidron.Photography 2022

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