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What is a self-portrait?

The simple definition of a self-portrait is a picture of oneself. Selfies can also be described as such; however, there’s a clear difference between the two. Self-portraits are carefully composed, well-thought-out, and meant to create a lasting impression of yourself. Selfies are usually taken quickly with a smartphone camera and deleted if unsatisfactory.

If you’ve been shooting portraits for a while, chances are you don’t need advice on shooting your own. On the other hand, there may be some things you haven’t considered before the lens turns toward yourself.

What pose should you take when shooting yourself? A pose is a great way to convey your mood and character.

Here are some self-portrait ideas: touch your chin pensively, put your hands behind your head, do a mysterious head-tilt, or cross your arms on your chest. There’s a lot you can do! And with each pose, you’ll feel like a slightly different version of yourself. Which one do you want to show the world?

Instead of using one color, you can stick to black and white self-portrait photography, which is always classy.

Forget about your “good side.” Get up close and personal and let your character show.

“This is me!”

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