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What is lens flare?

What is lens flare? It’s probably appeared on some of your photos or footage. Sometimes it ruins images, and sometimes it surprises you and makes you feel like you are the greatest photographer in all the land.

Lens flare is caused by a bright light source shining into the lens. Lens flare is a non-image forming light that is scattered in the lens system after it hits the front element of a lens. It reflects off the surfaces of glass in the lens. Depending on the shape of the glass inside, will yield that shape on the photo. Lenses with a large number of elements like zoom lenses are often most susceptible to lens flare. Flare is usually thought to be damaging to an image but there are times when it can be used to enhance the quality of the picture.

How to eliminate lens flare:

  • Try using a lens hood to avoid extra scattering light

  • Use lenses less susceptible to flare, like prime lenses

  • Block light and adjust angle of camera to light source

If you’re trying to use flare to your advantage when shooting outside, warm tones can be your best friend. And the ideal time to capture golden flares is, of course, golden hour. Let’s learn when this time strikes so you can anticipate it on your next shoot.

So, what are you waiting for? You don’t need fancy gear to work with flare. If you’re shooting outside, try taking your shots around sunset or sunrise, see if you can use the golden light to your advantage.

Good luck!


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