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What makes street photography so challenging?

Street photography can be defined as "the art of capturing candid moments in public places."

Street photography is a form of documentary photography that features people on the streets. The idea behind street photography is to capture real moments in public without any interference from the photographer. In other words, street photographers don't ask for permission from their subjects before taking pictures of them.

The main goal of street photographers is not to tell a story or show something special but rather to capture candid moments that represent everyday life.

What makes street photography so challenging?

To answer this question, let's start by looking at how the process works: First, you need to find a location where there are lots of people (e.g., city center).

Next, you need to wait until someone walks into your frame and then take a picture before they turn around and notice you (which usually takes less than 1 second). If you miss this moment, then your picture will be ruined because your subject will notice you and probably become self-conscious about what they're doing or wearing (this happens most often during fashion shoots).

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