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Establish a Relationship with Your Subject

Bristol portrait photographer

If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, it can be tough to relax and let down your guard in your photos. Even for me—someone who loves being behind the lens because I do love self-portrait photography—it sometimes takes me a little while to fully warm up to being photographed. The trick is to try to find something that you really enjoy doing, and then prepare yourself (mentally and emotionally) before each shot so that when the time comes to hit “record” you can relax, have fun and be yourself without thinking too much about what the photographer wants from you.

Bristol portrait photography

A stiff subject is the most challenging type of portrait. Once you have your camera, angle, and lighting settings in place, it’s time to get as much interaction out of the person as possible. The more comfortable they feel with you, the more likely they will be to relax and let you capture their true self on film. To get started, strike up a conversation and ask some icebreaker questions. If you’re working with children, try asking them about their favorite TV show or superhero – but make sure that all the questions are open-ended! The goal is for you to establish a friendly rapport so that your subject will feel comfortable enough in your presence to move around – it’s not all about good posing!

The key is to be firm and concise in what you want. Don’t let others talk over you – even though you’ll likely be working with full-grown adults when capturing corporate portraits, nervous chattering isn’t an uncommon hurdle for even the most seasoned photographers to overcome.

That being said, avoid being unfriendly. Though you should be clear with directions and advice, do your best to be cheerful. You’re more likely to be hired again in the future when you successfully maintain a good attitude.

I hope this Blog will help you a little bit.

Have a great time everyone, and enjoy the Xmas spirit.

Jiri from Kalidron.Photography

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