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Queen Charlton Wedding

Bristol wedding photographer
Queen Charlton is a small village located 2 miles outside of Keynsham in the West Country.

I hope you all are doing well.

I really need to share this news with you.

As you know I am a wedding photographer in Bristol & Somerset, United Kingdom and I am living close to Queen Charlton village.

I walked through this village hundreds of times, especially around the Church of St Margaret.

It was my dream to photograph a wedding in that church, but it hadn't happened since 2015 until August 2023!

Finally, I can tick it off from my "TO DO" list because Matt & Katie booked me for their Big Day which started at the Queen Charlton.

Bristol wedding photographer
Church of St Margaret

The moment when I often have tears in my eyes is the start of the wedding ceremony. The bride arrives, clothed in white, dazzling in her beauty, and she starts down the aisle. All eyes are on her, necks craning to get a glimpse. Amidst the awed silence sound the quiet whispers, ‘Doesn’t she look beautiful!’ Then you turn and see the face of her beloved. The groom stands enraptured, captivated, elation, and excitement lighting up his eyes. She’s here. The one he’s wooed, the one he’s committed to. And now, the time has come. Two will become one, their lives entwined for as long as they both shall live.

"A huge congratulations on your marriage MR & MRS KINDER!"

Bristol wedding photographer
Church of St Margaret, Queen Charlton.

At a wedding, as I watch this story unfold, I’m thrilled for the couple, but I’m even more excited for the Church.

Bristol wedding photographer
Church of St Margaret, Queen Charlton

Kalidron.Photography 2023

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